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I use motifs, symbols and patterns in my work to describe human experience and interaction with environment.  My work also explores the space between abstraction and figuration as I consider the interconnectedness of all things.  In this way, signs, colour and the composition of forms depict the transience of nature and a search for meaning within landscape.

The viewer is invited to create their own narrative from this ‘collage of elements’.  Movement may be suggested by sweeping bold brushstrokes, while the static and the stable may be signified by a smooth, flat rendering of paint.  Furthermore, textures and marks are fundamental to the overall integrity of my imagery.  I currently favour using acrylic paint on paper or board, building up vibrant layers of colour and texture, usually working on several pictures at once.  I also choose etching and drypoint printmaking techniques, primarily in black and white, to create small handmade editions that celebrate line and form.  In addition, I use flat sheet steel and solid rod in my sculptures, which are studies of the interrelation of disparate forms and the spaces between them.  Hence, I prefer not to prescribe any one meaning to my artwork, instead I allow others to make their own interpretation.

I have lived and worked in the Cambrian Mountains, Wales, for over ten years.  This beautiful but bleak landscape continues to influence my paintings, prints and sculptures with both the constancy of its ancient landforms and the shifting shapes and hues brought by the inclement weather. Additionally, my work is informed by my peripatetic childhood spent in Africa, the Pacific and Cornwall, followed by a period in London and the Isle of Skye. I also worked as an illustrator for many years, an experience which shaped my approach to mark making and my study of line and form.

Recent solo exhibitions include:  Oliver Gaiger Paintings, Prints, Sculptures - Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff (February 2016), Cambrian - Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall (July 2016), Oliver Gaiger New Work (joint exhibition) - Oriel Tegfryn, Anglesey (January 2017).

Previous commissions for illustration include: Radley Yeldar, Terrence Higgins Trust, True North, Oxford University Press, Macmillan Publishing, Random House Publishing, Cohn and Wolfe, VSO, Christian Aid, Resurgence, Tattersall Hammarling & Silk, Unilever, Felton Communication, Giant, Franks & Franks, Work Room, Yarrow, Reed Business Information, National Theatre, Bean MC, Sunday Times Magazine, Minerva PLC.